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Its been VERY quiet on our board lately!! Where is everyone??

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All of my boards are slow. I know I'm lurking more and more right now. I've got projects stacked up to the ceiling to finish before Christmas! Plus family visits and shopping and ...

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crazy holiday stuff perhaps???

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I'm here! Biggrin Just that everything I've scrapped lately is for parents of our daycare kids...so I need to get permission before sharing it

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Yep, everything seems slow lately. I think the holidays keep us hopping...

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Yeah, I've been busy here too. I need to be scrapping. I think I will scrap some Friday night, since I will be all alone.

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I agree, it's the holidays - hard to get everything done. But I'm here!

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Ive been super busy trying to get everything done before the holiday bazaar that Im at on Sat. I'll take more pics of my stuff for you gals.

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i have just been lurking lately... this month is super crazy.
holiday stuff up the rear, so many december birthdays, money issues, doctors appts, work, dbf getting laid off so more money issues.....
ugh cant wait till its over!

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I am so busy with getting cards made and Christmas shopping and baking that I'm kind of in lurk mode at the moment! Smile

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I've been lurking. Waiting to get more holiday pictures to start scrapping, I am all caught up after the crop, wonder how long that will last!?

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i think everyone has been busy with holiday stuff, shopping, cards, etc etc etc

it's that crazy time of year

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well, I think I'm done making cards (check out my gallery at www.coolmamacards.com to see most of the ones I did for the holidays). I'm almost done Christmas shopping. I need to get my cards mailed (I didn't upload mine to the gallery, will do after everyone gets my cards :lol:) but I'm waiting on the envelopes I bought via ebay. I'm praying I get to do some pages this week during some down time though. I really miss this board but every minute I spend here puts me behind somewhere else.