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Hi everyone! I am on the May 2009 board, (due with my first baby, a boy, May 18 ). I think I recognize a few names here.

I am really trying to catch up on scrapbooking since with Mason being born soon, I am going to have tons more pictures!

Here are a few of the layouts I have worked on this weekend:

This one I am not sure if I am finished with, but I don't have any letters that match to add a title. I could definitely use some ideas if you have any!

And here are the others:

I don't have a 12x12 scanner, so sorry I had to take pictures of them. It was also my first time using stickles! I recently ordered the starter pack, I used the black on the halloween and the baby blue on the jump LO. And it was my first time using my new Friendly Forest supplies which I LOVE! I love having all the paper and mattes and embellishments that match.

I don't have a cricut, so I have to stick with what alphabet stickers and punch outs I can find to try to match. But hoping I will be able to get one in the future after I prove to myself I am actually going to be working on my scrapbook stuff more often!

Sorry this turned out to be so long! If you made it this far, Thanks for reading!

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Welcome!! Love seeing doggie LOs! The jump one is my fave, but I really love the way the my girls is arranged too. NEAT! TFS and looking forward to getting to know you more.

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Welcome to the board! Way to jump right in and share!

I love that you're scrapping your fur babies. Smile

For your Halloween layout, anything that would add some contrast would be great for that page. Do you have a solid orange that you could run through your printer to print a title on? Maybe find a font that matched the style of the "halloween" on your base paper and cut it out in a similar shape?

TFS and introducing yourself!

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Welcome, welcome!! Glad to see you jumped in and posted layouts! I look forward to knowing you more. Smile

I agree with Beth...an orange title would make the Halloween page pop. I like those bat corners.

Great layouts!

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Welcome! No ideas here, but just wanted to say hi back!

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Welcome. Great LOs and I'm sure many more to come. I recently had my baby and while I haven't started scrapping again yet I have tons of photos to work with, having a new baby is the reason I got back into scrapping. Sounds like you are in a similar boat.

ETA - Your fur babies are super cute!

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welcome!! Smile Love your LO's! It's so nice to see pets being scrapped. I LOVE dogs. Wish I had one of my own. Someday perhaps! One of my cat's name is Lily though Blum 3 hehe Your dogs are so cute! Great names. Look forward to seeing more from you! Smile

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welcome! Great job on the pages. For the first I would also add an orange title. Do you have any paint??? Cause you could paint letters orange that you already have Smile

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welcome! those pages are so cute, I really love the first one. Maybe you could find some orange letters for the title. Smile

one of my really good friends from high school has a May 18th birthday. Wink

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I think I saw silver metallic letters at Michaels that were really halloweeenie. Great layouts. I can't wait to see baby layouts from you.

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Hi and Welcome!!!!!

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Welcome to the board. I'm so glad you jumped in and shared the pages of your cute doggies.