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Hi ladies just thought I would pop in fir a bit and see what the board has been up to. I think it's been over a year since I've logged on. Life got super busy in 2011 for me and looks like 2012 will be too. I've mainly been doing projects and shutter fly photo books. One day I'll get back to paper scrapping in my craft room lol. Andrew is 5 this week, Catharine 2 1/2 and Joseph 1 next month. So time sure is flying.

I'm on fb and I try to keep up w those of you on there. Add me if u would like.

How r u all doing? Hope this msg finds you well.


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I can't believe Joseph is almost 1! Time is FLYING!!!!! I've been doing a lot of projects too. One of these days I'll scrapbook again ... maybe when the kids are in college. Ha ha ha.

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Glad to see you back. I also need to get back to scrapping. I rememeber this board where if I missed 2days on logging in I would be a page behind. I'm thinking maybe we all need a challenge to jump start us. If we get enough intrest I could start another scrap lift page. Glad the kids are doing well:)

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Hi Brittany - good to see you! I also can't believe Joseph is about to turn 1. Where does the time go?

We're doing well... We had a baby girl 6 weeks ago so I've been busy adjusting to life with 2. Miles just turned 3 last month. He loves his new baby sister but he has been driving me slightly nuts. Isn't that what 3 year olds are supposed to do though? Smile

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Hi there. Glad to see you on here. I don't think I have you on facebook. Add me if you want www.facebook.com/gaidinsgirl