Hello Again! pics too!

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Hello Again! pics too!

How I've missed this board, don't know how many of you remember me, but my hubby and I work in Alaska for the summer, so very limited internet access in the bush! Ha! Anyway, looking forward to scrapping again, we work so much in the summer it doesn't leave much time to sleep, let alone scrap.

So how are you all? Hope to be around more now that I'm home, we are moving into a new house on Monday and are very excited.

Congrats to all you preggo's, especially you Karen, we were together on TTCAL and I am so so happy for you!

Here are some pics from our summer in Alaska.

DH is on the right, he is a fly fishing/adventure guide and this is the King Salmon his guest caught

view from our deck

the lodge where we work, with an unbelievable rainbow, don't know if you can see, but it was a double rainbow

one of the rainbow trout I caught on our anniversary date

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Welcome back! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! Smile

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Welcome back! Glad to have u here. Great pictures. Look like you enjoy Alaska. Have fun moving back and hope to see you around here soon.

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Wow what a gorgeous place!! TFS

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Do they need an extra employee or two? Wink WOW, I'd looooove working there!!!!!!!!!!! IT's beautiful and I looove to fish! How cool! That's the best pic of you with your catch. Biggrin So cute. Welcome back!