hello all!

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hello all!

Hello ladies!

My name is Sadie and I have one DD- Ruthie. I am happily married to my DH-Randall. We live in AR.

I have recently started a scrapbook. I just now found this forum. I am super excited and wanting to join. I have only done 5 pages b/c of lack of time! I am sure you all understand. Lol I will post pics of the ones I have done soon. I hope you don't mind if I chime in!

I used to scrapbook when I was younger, and I didn't take a lot of time on them. This time I want a nice scrapbook to give to Randall at Christmas time for like a year in review. I stole the idea from one of preg.org friends! Wink

Thanks ladies!

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Welcome! Can't wait to see your pages.

I hope you will participate in the challenge. It sounds like it will be perfect for the album you want to make.

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Hello and Welcome!!!

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Welcome! Glad to have you. Smile
Can't wait to see your pages!

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Welcome. Cannot wait to see your pages.

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Hello and welcome!!!!

I'll ditto the others, can't wait to see your pages.

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Hiya! And welcome! Hope to see you pages soon. Smile Post away!

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Hi there!

I was happy to find this forum too, although I'm not on p.org very often anymore. Can't wait to see your work