Hello! And an apology. :P

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Hello! And an apology. :P

Hey girls! Man do I ever miss SCRAPBOOKING!! LOL! But a sweet little friend of mine is coming over today to have me help her put together a scrapbook for her highschool. So she should be here any minute and we're gonna work on it all day. Can't wait! I have a list a mile long of cards needing to be made for friends and family. I'm sooo behind.

And two days ago (after the mail courier came of course!) I realized I hadn't taken pictures of the Father's day cards I made!! :rolleyes: I did three with the A Child's Year cartridge...they were all simple, but cute. Darn it. I will make sure and take a pic of Scott's card and anything else today though ok? Wink eeeek.

I've been in lurk mode all week and love everything I see. xoxo

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No apology needed! I do miss seeing your work though!

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Hi there! I am in semi-lurk mode as well...between work and being exhausted and nauseated most of the time...no time to scrap Sad Yeah, so we all understand how life can keep you away from the scrapping. I agree with Ashley, i miss seeing your stuff...but i understand.

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Glad that you get to do some stuff today at least Charys. I too miss seeing your stuff, but understand you've got your hands full right now.

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My computer is down right now but I always love to see your stuff!!! I also just got my mojo back and did my first page in months last night!!!!

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Hey! I feel like i need to come over and apologize on here all the time. lol. This must be a super busy time of year! I hope you get some super mojo from helping your friend and are able to fit your own scrapping time in soon!

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I totally relate ... but I'm happy to see a post from you. Wink How did scrapbooking with your friend go?

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i hear ya...and I miss being around here like I used to as well...such a great board Biggrin
If it makes you feel better, I too forgot to take pics of the father's day cards I did....whoops!

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You are all so funny! I constantly forget to take pictures of things.

Charys - we know you are busy and happy you still make time for us Smile