Hello! Back in action....

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Hello! Back in action....

Hi all! Been forever since I have been on here posting...mostly because I haven't done too much scrapping for awhile, just a page here and there. Oh and lots of card making. But that is all about to change since I convinced DH to let me change our spare bedroom into my scrapbook room! No more trying to work at the kitchen table! I have a scrapbook room but it is 5 foot wide by 10 foot long and all I had in it was a card table! Just not enough space to create in. My new room is 10 foot wide by 13 foot long! And DH is putting up shelving for me. Plus he is going to work on building me a large table that will be on hinges so we can fold it up and have room to inflate a nice air mattress to still have space for guests to sleep. For now I am going to just use a large folding table until he gets the design done and created. Smile So I am jumping back on here because I hope to be having lots of stuff to share soon! Smile I can't wait to check out all your creations! Smile

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hi Melody! That is exciting! Enjoy your new space!

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Hi Melody! I bet you are super excited about your own room. Sounds great! I hope it gives you tons of inspiration to get a lot of pages done! Be sure to share them when you start scrapping!

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Hi there! Your room sounds awesome! You are a lucky girl! Congrats aond I look forward to getting to know you and to seeing your work.