Hello, hello!!

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Hello, hello!!

I have been lurking, but not posting for a while. I've not done masses of scrapbooking or card making of late, but i feel a mojo surge a coming. I did these cards for a friend recently. (They're on my blog http://sarah-chambers.blogspot.com)

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those look great! I love how you use the buttons, totally need to save a couple of them to my lift folder. and I see your weight loss, that's awesome!!! I'm 6lbs lighter now than when I got pg with Jack (I've lost 9.5lbs since the last week of August), so we're both celebrating great losses!

can't wait to see the new stuff your mojo is about to bring on. Wink

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Hi, Sarah!!!

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Hi Sarah! Great looking cards! Looking forward to you posting more! Smile

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hey Sarah! Good to see you!

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hiya hunnie Biggrin Loving those cards...my fave is the first one. Biggrin

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Those are so pretty Sarah..you have such talent. Love those flowers, did you draw them? TFS