Hello ladies :D

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Hello ladies :D

Hi everyone!! Sorry I have been so absent lately! I have no excuse...just tired! lol. I fall asleep so easily after work now...Saturday night I got 11 hours! LOL!! Anyway, I will try to get caught up on posts this week again...in the meantime I wanted to make a quick post of some cards I made, as well as I clock I did last night for the baby's room (we're doing a baby animal theme Smile ) Sorry the pic of the clock is so dark! ....oh and also stopped in to tell you....we are having a son! Biggrin We found out last night, after many attempts the past month. lol...His name is Brandon Isaiah Vincent....Vincent is a middle name passed down to the boys in Wayne's family...Brandon Isaiah we have had picked out for 6 years since we started dating and even JOKING about kids! Please don't post about it on facebook yet as we haven't had a chance to reach some family by phone like we'd like to....I will post pics of his adorable little self soon! Hope you are all really great!! Biggrin xoxo

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wow, pregnancy brain takes over agaIN! I didn't even add the pics of the stuff I made. HAHAHHAHA....

Here Wink

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hi Karen! Congrats on joining Team BLUE! Little boys are so much fun! Biggrin

LOVE the clock!!

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the clock looks great (as do the cards). congrats on team blue! I agree with Ashley...boys are tons of fun!

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congrats on a baby boy! boys are a handful, but LOVE their mommies more than anything Smile the clock looks awesome! love the cards too! glad you had a spare moment to stop by! im glad you are stocking up on sleep now, because you know you will need it soon! Lol

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Another fan of team blue here!! Little boys as firsts too are so fun. Smile And I agree, they do love their mommies. Smile Congrats Karen!! I have thought about you often. I am glad to hear you are doing well. I will anxiously be waiting pictures of Brandon. Smile

Love the clock, it is so cute. And your cards are so great too. tFS and for updating us.

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The little peanut card is so SWEET! we call Cohen "Peanut" so that was cool! Biggrin And that clock rocks!!!! Biggrin LOVE IT SO MUCH!! Brandon's gonna have the CUTEST room!! Can't wait to see it all done. CONGRATS AGAIN on BOY! They are the bestest!!!!

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Congrats on your little boy! How exciting! I'm so glad you finally found out!!!!!!!

The clock and cards are adorable!

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Love the clock! It is soooooo cute!! And the cards are adorable too! Smile Great job!

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