Hello! (LO Heavy!!!!)

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Hello! (LO Heavy!!!!)

Just thought I'd give a quick update as to what's been going on at our house. Our ds came home in May after his first year of college, so that transition took a bit of adjusting since he now has rules again. My dd2 now has her driving permit, so if you live near us, watch out! In June, dd1broke up with her bf of 2 years in an extremely bad way, so that has taken a huge toll on the entire family. Journi is still working on being potty trained. She knows exactly what to do, but refuses to do it so I guess I haven't found her currency to persuade her. She turns two at the end of the month. The twins are now about neck and neck as to who will walk first. They've figured out how to climb onto Journi's bed and one figured out how to get off of it without landing on her head. It seems like they're almost competing with each other now. Where one goes, the other has to be there. They'll be turning one a week after Journi, so I'm trying to figure out how we're going to celebrate. I think we'll be doing all three at the same time for their party and small celebration on their birthdays. As for dh and me, nothing really new except we are really enjoying the large garden we put in this year and plan on expanding it next year. Square foot gardening seems to really work well for us so far! Oh, and I've also now been making my own cards since I'm so inspired by you guys here! Here's some lo's I've done in the past couple months. I'm sure some of you have seen some of them on FB, so I'm sorry for the duplication!

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Those are fantastic! I love the ones where you've created pictures (like the first ones and last one) I've tried that style and have never been happy with what I come up with. You do it really well! I know what you mean about finding the currency - DD#1 is working on potty training and stickers and candy worked for a while, but she doesn't care anymore. She did really well for about a week, but now we sit there for 10 -15 minutes and she does nothing - then does it either right after I get the pull up back on or sometimes even before I get it on! Sounds like your hands are full with your family - you'd never know it looking at your amazing pages! TFS

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Tracey this stuff is amazing!!! LOVE all of it...especially the weeds LO. Smile Glad to hear your heart and hands are full girl! Wink

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awesome LOs...my fave is the beach double LO. Love how you fit all those pics on a nice LO without making it look crowded or busy.

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Wow Tracey!!!!!!!!!!!! You rocked these!! I was gonna try and comment on all of them, but I know there's no way I'd get the time to do them all justice. I looove the weeds one, and that first one is so fun. Wow!! TFS

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Thanks guys, you are too kind! Can you believe Tae was actually sitting in the shopping cart while Journi was pushing her around? She was so amused (well until Journi just about tipped her over - that was the end of that then!). So I thought that kit was perfect for that situation. I think my favorite in this group is the Play Day lo just cuz I love how they cooperated so well with the pics that day.

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Tracey, I'm really enjoying these! Play Day is also my favorite of this set, just love how it all flows together with so many photos. But I like all of them - your style is unique on so many of them, and it's cool!