Hello. :o)

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Hello. :o)

Hiya everyone. I just thought i'd nip out of lurkdom for a moment to share some stuff. I've been lurking here for an age and originally it was to stalk Karen - :wavehello: Now i've started scrapping and card making too after having the stuff saved for years and never getting started. I am really, really enjoying it!

So yeah, hello everyone. Biggrin

My first page was for my angel DS Zane ^i^

Then i did one for my angel DD Ada ^i^

My next page was one for my DD Lyric

Another page for Lyric...

Fathers day cards. The first is for my DH from DD, the second is from me to my dad and the third is from DH to his dad.

Thank you for looking! Smile

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Sarah, your work is absolutely gorgeous! I love all of the papers and ribbons you used! Your pages are laid out so nicely. I hope you stick around and post more pages & cards so I can steal some of your ideas! Smile

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Ooo Smile I love those! You have done a great job. I really like the 4th one! So colorful and pretty Smile can't wait to see more of your stuff!

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Hi and Welcome! All your pages are amazing, I'm glad you came out of lurkdom! Smile I love your dd's name, too!

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girl you have some scrapping skills!! stick around!! Biggrin those are all amazing!! i love how you twisted the pink ribbon on the 1st page of Lyric! i might have to steal that idea Wink welcome!!

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Wow!!! Your work is so great! I love all of it. I hope you continue and also stick around to share with us!

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hey Sarah! So glad to see you posting here, I had no idea you scrapbooked. I seem to run into you on other boards (like photography and CD). Anyhow, I love the pages you posted, especially the newborn page. and the cards are terrific! please tell me you'll stick around and post with us. Smile

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Hello Sarah! So glad to see you!! :bigarmhug: Your pages are sooo wonderful!! I think it's really great that you scrapped the memories you had with all of your little ones. I love how you captured those moments. Your cards are awesome too!! I agree with Gwen, I hope you stick around! Wink

How's that gorgeous Lyric doing? Does she have both you and Scott wrapped around her little finger yet? Wink

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Hi Sarah!!!! Glad to see you here!!! Nice pages for your 3 kiddos!!! I adore the newborn page for Lyric. And the cards are great too! Hope to see you posting here more often! Welcome!

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Hehehehe... it's going to be so much easier to stalk you Sarah if you start posting here! Smile

I love your work so far!!!

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OMG!!! Your pages are spectacular!!! I saved the newborn one in my scraplift folder! Smile

Great job!

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your pages are Beautiful. I have to say that I am in love with your one of lyric with the title Newborn. Just awesome. Glad you decided to share.

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Welcome Sarah!!!! Your pages are gorgeous! I'm so glad you joined us! I love the embellies you are using and your gorgeous cards!

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"MommyMish" wrote:

Hehehehe... it's going to be so much easier to stalk you Sarah if you start posting here! Smile

I love your work so far!!!


glad to see you over here. i love love LOVE the letters you used for "newborn"

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hiyah, Sarah! LOVE LOVE LOVE that newborn page. Awesome work!

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haha I didn't even see that Carrie also posted "love love love"...I guess it's official...we love it!

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Aw, thanks for the very warm welcome!! Biggrin

Lyric is indeed a little princess in our house and we all worship at her feet. Lol She's just amazingly amazing and she makes my heart feel fit to burst! (Yeah, i know - pukey sweet ha ha!)

I'm proper excited that my LO got added to a scraplift folder! Biggrin :D

Oooh, my fingers are itching to scrap something today!

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hey Sarah! It's good to see you over here! Lyric is just GORGEOUS! I am looking forward to seeing more pages of her!

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Welcome! I love your LO's and your LO:)

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Welcome to the board! Love the pages and cards you posted! Ditto to what everyone else said too. Smile

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Yay I love stalkers!!!:D:bigarmhug:
Your work is so amazing hun. I love it all!!!! Do I get to see it in person in a month?? Biggrin

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What beautiful pages and a beautiful blog. You are so funny too! I just wanted to tell you I give you so much credit for the way you deal with your loss. I know scrapping the pics will help you. I have scrapped a loss album for my best friend/ sister she was my sisters sil but relly mine also as we had known her first and grew up with her. She lost her son at 4 years old he was my sisters nephew. We all got together and made an album and while we cried it was so healing. It just really keeps them alive inside you know Smile I am sure you do. Thankyou for helping me understand why people share things so dear to them. You blog is just beautiful.

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"MommyMish" wrote:

Hehehehe... it's going to be so much easier to stalk you Sarah if you start posting here! Smile

I love your work so far!!!

Ditto. Your work is amazing. I look forward to a lot more layouts.