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hello & questions

Hey ladies, sorry I havent been online lately. Don't think i've even really been on pg.org in like 2 weeks or so. We've been so busy lately and things are just now starting to settle down.

I'm going to try and get caught up on the postings over the next couple days.... this board has really been hopping. Have some questions though

Saw the next vc is oct 16-19 awesome....hopefully i can get some things to work on organized by then and find some time between the two kids and everything else we have going on.

whatever happened with the scrapbooking train? was it ever located?

Anything else new happening with this board?

Hope all is well with you all.
I've been keeping myself busy....as u know catharine was born 7/15, then we were busy with adjusting to , visitors and dr apts etc, then a temporary move out of our apt and to my parents until we find a house (our apt was way too small) the last weekend of august, then our beach vacation, then catharine's welcome party, and so many smaller things in the middle of all that. Now we're trying to get her baptism all sorted out (having some issues with the godparents etc). Then we thought we were going to get a house but had our offer rejected Sad so back to square one on that. Which really bites b/c we need to wait on getting a bigger car until after we get the mortgage. On the plus side HOBBY LOBBY opened up in our area and I absolutely love it!!!! My friends IRL didn't know what i meant when i said it was opening up, and now we're all addicted to the store. Absolutely love it for all of our crafts- kiddo crafts, sewing, scrapbooking etc. Love their wall art and holiday sections too and frames. I'm going to go again tomorrow since they have all of their scrapbooking storage 50% off and a ton of other scrapbooking things I "need." DH said I could go and spend money on whatever "birthday gifts" i want from there so it should be fun. You ladies definitely were not kidding when you were raving about that store. I think it's definitely better than michaels and ac moore.... joanns u can't beat the 6 for 96 cents paper but overall hobby lobby takes the cake.

well I have to get going......my time is so much more limited now with 2. hope to chat with u all soon.

oh fyi i'm on facebook so if u want to add me there just pm me.... or if u have some of the other ladies on this board on your fb page then check their friends list.... i'm probably the only Brittany K on there.

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Hey Brittany! Good to see you! I hope life settles down for you soon so you can come hang out with us more! I'd love to see your pages of Miss Catharine!

I've never been to Hobby Lobby - I don't have a local one - so I don't know what I'm missing I guess!! That's cool there's one so close to you!

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Glad you are back. We all understand being busy! Wink Hope to see some pages soon!

As for HL- we LOVE it here too. We just got a new Michael's about 1 hour away, and it was the first time I was there.

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Hi Brittany! Thanks for the update, I can't wait to see pics of your baby girl (hint hint! lol) I hope you are able to find a home closer to any type of scrapbooking store lol.

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welcome back! missed your posts but totally understand with all that you've had going on! Sorry your offer was rejected on the house....something else great will come along though :bigarmhug:

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Glad to hear that even though things are well, you are all doing good. I hope the house and car comes through soon for you, and I would also love to see pics of baby Catherine.

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Hi, great to see you again! I can't really answer your questions, but it is nice to have you back around again. Hope you can make it to the VC.