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hello there

Sorry I've been MIA but I finally finished my page that I've been working on...I'm a slow scrapper;)
I've done this page digitally, but wasn't really to happy with it and re-did it with paper...This is one of my favorites pic of DH and ryan enjoying a moment together..

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Awww....no wonder you like that pic! I would too! That is a super sweet moment you caught there! I really like how you made a corner thing (not sure what they are called Lol ) out of buttons!

BTW....I just noticed that Ryan and I share a birthday! Biggrin

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welcome back! you know I missed you here. Wink Love the page, looks great! what a tender photo. Smile

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That is very cute. I'm glad you finally got a page done. I'm sure it was tough to scrap a picture that you like so much.

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It's beautiful!!! That is a precious pic and great job on the page!!