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I haven't scrapped in at least a month, and I feel like I have forgotten how. This is my latest LO- what do you think? What do I need to add? Sorry it is so big.

ETA: Webbed Feet, from

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I really love this page Emily! The borders are cool. And the journaling was soooo sweet. Good job.

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I like it just the way it is. I really like the colors and how the pics are the main part.

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It is very cute. The empty space doesn't look bad, but I know how you feel. I always think it is too empty. You could add some more elements, but you don't really need to and it might end up too busy. I love the colors!

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thats cute I love it

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Love the colours and the layering effect!

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I think it looks great! if the empty space bugs you, can you make each of the pictures/frames just a little bigger to take up more room? but I think the empty space looks good like it is, draws the attention to the pictures and journaling. Smile

cute page!

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I think it looks super the way it is!!
That kit rocks! I love the colors and the frames are so neat.
You did a great job with the journaling too.

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Love the journaling!

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Super cute!

My one concern is the size of the font. I haven't done any digital scrapbooking, but I'm wondering if the font will be teeny when printed?

P had that same infant tub and we loved it. He has ALWAYS been a splasher and a kicker as well! The person bathing him must wear something that can get quite wet. As you said--'an adventure'!! LOL

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Awwww - I think it is really cute!