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I did my LO for phonetag, but am having one hellofa time getting a decent pic. Any suggestions, it is a paper LO, please help, today is my 4th day, I want to get it to the next person. Thanks

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most people have the best luck in natural light (outside or near a window). not sure if that is part of the problem. also to get a good angle, you can put it on the floor and stand above it (shoot the pic straight down on long as you aren't casting a shadow on it). hope you get a pic. even if it isn't a great pic, the next person in line should be able to get decent idea of the page.

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If you can take it outside and get a pic, that works really well. Or atleast by a sunny window. I take mine on our sidewalk.

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If you have a bright lamp or light, place your LO very near the light source and turn the flash off of your camera to avoid that flash spot on your LO.

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I got a semi-decent one, thanks for the advice.

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I know I'm late, but I take it at an angle so the flash doesn't bounce off the page. so the layout looks slanted but at least I'm able to post pictures when there's no natural light to use. Smile can't wait to see it, don't forget to send it to both me and the person who's next (I don't have the list in front of me to see who's next)

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I just sent it, I can't say I'm completely happy with it, but didn't want to hold the whole group up, especially with the speed group A is going!

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I seem to always finish a page when it is dark or rainy outside lol. I can never get good pictures!

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Or you could scan it!?!