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Hi, I just joined a scrapbooking club at my church, and the first date we meet is on the 17th. I have no idea what Im doing, and would like to know what I need, or what the general idea is. I know I need pictures and an album but not sure what else. Thanks for any help!

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Cutting device - trimmers and or scissors
Adhesive- glue stick, tape runner, dots, tape (whatever is your preference)
Writing utensil- pen or marker work fine

Everything after that is according to your tastes. Decide what you want to your scrapbook to be about. Is there a reoccuring theme or is it a compilation of different events. Find paper to match this theme. If you see cute stickers or embellishments, get them if you wish. After you decide on what paper and pictures you want for a layout you will need a way to cut and trim them as you wish. Also, you will need a way to adhere the pictures to the page. The pen/marker is for journaling and/or writing details of the layout.

Don't go crazy trying to get everything at once. I would take just a little bit to work on while there and then I would spend the rest of the time asking questions and watching the work of the other women. They will be able to tell you what products they like and you will also be able to learn techniques and styles. Then you will be able to make an informed decision about which direction you would like to pursue.

There is an information sticky at the top of this thread that also has a lot of pointers and ideas.

Feel free to look at works that everyone has posted and ask questions about how something was made or done.

Look forward to learning more about you!

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Well Howdy Lauren! Have I met you somewhere before?:p

When I started I got packs of multi-colored card stock, a paper cutter, scrap tape (I got it at the craft store) and other embelishments that went with the pages I was scrapping. Any questions let me know. Glad you found us. And when you do make your first page please share with us Smile

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You've gotten great advice so far. I remember when I first started I went the easy route and got scrap kits. This is where the papers are all put together with embellishments and things that matched. So all I had to do was to buy the album and some glue and just add my pictures. Some even have instructions showing you how to put what where. Smile Then once I saw how to do it, I started just making my own pages. It's a lot of fun, but can be daunting to start at first. Smile GL and welcome to our group.

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The others have already mentioned basics like a paper trimmer and cardstock, adhesives. I second Carrie's suggestion on starting with a scrap kit or an album with all the stuff included. It's a good way to start not get overwhelmed I think.


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I was going to suggest starting with a kit too that has matching letters, accents, paper, etc. It can be overwhelming at first, but just have fun! Biggrin