Help! Journaling Advice!

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Help! Journaling Advice!

I'm scrapbooking my bfp! I have this journaling card I want to include on the page...but, I need some word help on one of the parts. It would go like this:

Who: Baby L______
What: ___________
Where: in Mommy's tummy
When: On or around November 14, 2008

Would it be dumb to put "growing" after What??? Can you think of a better word to use there?

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"our little miracle"
"our little blessing"
"baby # __"
"gift from God"
if you have other children: "____'s little brother/sister" (when you find out the gender)

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I think growing is great. Smile It fits with the rest of what you have.

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I like "our little miracle" or how about "our dream come true" or "precious little one"?