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Help with Layout

I've been working on this layout and I've tried many different things. Finally I have set it aside. It is for the Portrait challenge and it is a 2 pager.

Here is one of the options.

or this one

Title would go in the blank areas on either choice. Where the flowers are behind the pics I did have a patterned paper back there but thought I would use the idea from my shirt with "brown flowers on green". The layout with branches and leaves I matched with the trees in the background of some pics. Any ideas.

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I really like the branches!

I also really like the flowers that don't have the middle in them!

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I like the flowers without the middle too but I'm out of that brown paper Sad

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I like the branches. can you make two lovebirds to sit on the branches? Wink

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Use a mix of both the flowers with the centers and the flowers without. And I love the branches. It completes the page IMO. Gwen's idea is cute. Smile

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i like the branches too!

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I too like the branches!