Help -- in need of a big chunky 1

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Help -- in need of a big chunky 1

Yep, I'm new/lurking! Wink I know a few of the ladies here from my birth board.

Anyway, I'm attempting to create my LO's first birthday invitations. And I am having trouble finding a big chunky 1 to put on them. I'm attempting something very similar to this in style, but digital (so not as an embellishment). Sorry the pic is so big!

I've started out with a purple stripe background, though.

Anybody know of a font that might have something similar? Or a free alphabet download?

Thanks for any help you can give!

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It's not exactly the same, but the broadway font has a one that is very similar to that one. There are all sorts of font site, a couple of free ones are and

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I'm at work right now (slow dial-up) but I can look when I get home.

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Thanks! I downloaded a bunch of fonts from 1001freefonts. They were fun to look through and try out.

Here's the layout I've got so far. Nothin' fancy.

The 1 came from a font called "indigo joker". Smile

I have a friend who owns a print shop, so she'll print them for me. Then we'll cut them down the middle so that they'll fit in a regular business size envelope to mail.

Feel free to give any advice. I won't be printing till Thursday.

Thanks again!

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I think they look great!

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very cute

i like them

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I really like the purple and green.