Help with page protectors

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Help with page protectors

Ok, so I have never really had to worry about this before, as I've never had to buy more sleeves than what came with the album. However, one my daughter's first year album, I am turning out WAAAYYY more pages than came with the book - in fact, I had to go buy a 3-ring style book so that it would hold all of the pages (and I'm still working on it!) I've run into a problem though, as I bought more sleeves for my pages, I realized they were junk. They stuck to the pages, made weird glares and things on the pictures. Can anyone recommend a good brand of sleeves for me to put my pages into? They have to also be able to go into a 3-ring album, which I think any of them would. Thanks for the help!

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I'm not sure on a good brand since the cheap ones at our dollar store are fine ....however, I have noticed that some only come with 2 holes and then they don't line up...and not just dollar store ones but ones in albums I buy too...maybe you could take a piece of paper with a marking to where the holes need to be to fit your binder? Just a thought. Hope you find a good brand soon !

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do you do 12x12 pages? if so our craft store (Pat Catans) has Making Memories brand for the best price. Some of the others come in much smaller packs. The Making Memories ones don't come with the white 12x12 sheet in them...but I never use that anyway. I put mine in 3 ring 12x12 binders.

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Hmmmm....interesting question. I always just buy the best deal on those things and really some are better than others, but I never worry too much about it as it's what's inside that has to look good anway. Smile GL tho!!