HELP! Printing Pictures!

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HELP! Printing Pictures!

Hi ladies! So since my fall I've had an excuse to be lazy, sitting on the computer and getting all of my pictures organized on Picasa. I now have march 09 - July 10 all edited/collaged/organized and ready to send off to cvs or wherever for printing so I can start scrapping again (and hopefully get my daughter's first year album done).

I have done this many time before with the prior months, and have found that when I send them off to the store, sides of faces, top of heads, and arms go missing from the pictures. It's so frustrating, especially when I have these adorable infant face pictures and part of them get chopped off. I know it has something to do with aspect ratio or something, but these are pictures that are already taken and I can't change that. Now, when I go through and edit and collage them on Picasa, I up the grid spacing so that there is a good size white border around the picture, and that still doesn't seem to help. Any ideas? I was wondering if anyone else has this problem? Should I send them off to shutterfly or somewhere?

Thanks for any tips!

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Most places give you an option to print a 4x6 or a true digital which is slightly smaller than a 4x6. I am not 100% sure it is called true digital, but it is some option for digital pictures, and usually it will show you how it will be printed. Some are cut nicely and some places you order from you get a small white edge on the photo, but that can easily be trimmed off. I hope that helps.

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When I order from Costco or Shutterfly, you can go in and see how/if it will be cropped.

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yeah, like stephanie said, on shutterfly, there is an option to preview crop or something like that. so you can see or adjust how it is cropped to fit the size you order.

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in picasa, you can crop as a 4x6. so create a folder called "print", crop all of the photos in picasa and save the cropped version to the print folder (don't overwrite your original - I know picasa saves a backup, but I'm all about being safe than sorry). then upload the cropped versions for print. most digital cameras (non DSLRs) use a different aspect ratio than 4x6.

and don't print at CVS, their color sucks! I have found that Costco prints are great. if you want to do mail order, Winkflash is fantastic and only 6 cents a print.