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help with title

So I made a storyboard with some pictures that I took of Cadence at the oceanfront here in Virginia Beach. Although all the colors in the pictures don't match up perfectly, I'm content with it. Here's where you come in. I am looking for a title to go underneath the pictures. Preferably, I'd like one word to describe either the beach, pictures, or both. Tentatively, I came up with "Sunkissed", but I wanted to see what other suggestions I may get before I order this. It will be printed as a 10x20 print. (i have fixed the space between the 2 landscaped pictures to be the same size as the others... sometimes I don't see things until I post them on here... weird!)

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Ooh, I really like Sunkissed! Very cute!!! And Cadence is such a sweetheart!

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I think Sunkissed is perfect. And for kicks, could you try "Cadence at 3" in small print under that? I think that would look neat. Smile

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Those pics are AWESOME Linda!! She's beautiful!! I too think sunkissed is perfect!!

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dont think anyone can beat sunkissed Biggrin thats a pretty good title!

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I think it is perfect!

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I agree, Sunkissed can't be beat! It matches those pics perfectly. I know I already commented on them on FB, but these are just stunning.

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Love Sunkissed too! And I like the suggestion to put her name and age below!

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I was thinking ... childhood, not a care in the world. However I think I like sunkissed more Smile