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Thread: HELPPPPPP!!!!!

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    Default HELPPPPPP!!!!!

    Guys, I miss scrapbooking SOOO Much. I never thought I'd miss it this much. I spent a year getting organized (not that I've done a thing with my scrapping stuff other than getting it into three central locations.). I just don't have a huge space to do anything with. I'd kill for a desk but where I'd put it, I have no idea.

    So... I need inspiration. And DH would kill me if I bought more stuff. I have sooo much stuff. Help!!!!!! Please. Help. Help me find my mojo. Help me remember how to do this. I do need a few things but I'm so afraid to go into Michaels, but I need glue.
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    inspiration for pages??? search the galleries on & twopeasinabucket

    those are great sites.

    i completely know what you mean, my scrap stuff is finally unpacked and somewhat organized and just got my table this weekend. I know I won't have time until after the holidays at least. But at least it's one step in the right direction. Closest i've gotten to SBing is my shutterfly books and our christmas cards.

    Good luck!!!

    If u want inspiration for scrap rooms twopeas is always good for that too.

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    I find it is hard to find your mojo if you have to pack up and unpack your supplies everytime you want to use them. So it is a huge bummer to not have any place to just spread out and leave it spread out. I find I can get so much more done now that I have space to spread out. I agree that looking at LOs online is pretty inspiring. We almost need some kind of thread or something where we can post all our LOs and cards for people to go back and look at....or maybe someone wants to create some kind of photo album at photobucket or something and we could all have the user name and password and upload our work there?

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    do you have a closet you can steal? I mean, one you can clear out, put a small desk into (along with a desk lamp), and work at when you want to scrapbook? then close the door when you need to stop without having to pack up everything you have on the desk.

    this is just a random desk, but I'm thinking something that's a small footprint like this desk. Maybe you could find a small desk on freecycle?

    I googled for "desk in a closet" and found a couple of neat things

    Anyhow, that's a starting point. I haven't been able to scrapbook in MONTHS ... but I got a little bit done today, and I plan to dive back into it this month.

    I can't believe how big Patrick is now! He looks so old in your siggy, how did that happen?!
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    I'm with Gwen...LOOK at Patrick! My how he's grown. So cute too girl. Glad to hear from you though. I am so opposite, I put things away as I finish with them, have a nice pile for scrap paper that I throw away as it gets to big. I am such a "neat" scrapper. But I do have all my stuff organized pretty well into the hutch that is right by the table I"m working on, so it's not far to put it away.

    I lost my mojo too over the holidays. I always have sorted pics on hand...that I want to scrap. I just make myself pull the ones that are next out and a magazine or two, and once I do that I usually can throw something together. Honestly the challenges on this board help me also. I actually sat down yesterday and did a LO for the challenge I created. It's a simple LO, but one nonetheless. GL and welcome back girly!!
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