here are the cards I mentioned - pic heavy!

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here are the cards I mentioned - pic heavy!

there ya be Smile I made them weeks ago but was having problems with my computer not reading my camera/card...sorry for any that are blurry. my camera was sure giving me grief!

these ones were for our daycare kids. There was one more Mickey one for Sally but somehow I missed a photo for it. We let them pick their own character out of the booklet and then I made their card with it. They liked them Smile

this was for my younger brother who turns 22 in a few days. Also made him a goofy one but forgot the pic!! :confused:

this is for the bday of Wayne's dad who is ALL about "dog is man's best friend:D" it fits Smile

this was for my stepdad's bday...his name is don (donald) and growing up we always called him donald that fits too Wink lol

trinity's mom from our daycare (the one who doesnt mind me posting her pics) has become a good friend of ours. She's an artist and this is for her bday...

and finally for my good friend carol-ann's bday Smile I like the colours in this one a lot.

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Woah! You have been super busy! What a fabulous idea to let the kiddos choose their character for their cards! That is just the sweetest; I bet they loved seeing the character they picked out!

The Donald Duck card, your stepdad is going to get a kick out of! Biggrin

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These all look great! I love them all. I love those first three most though I think!

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Yeah, I bet the kids LOVED those cards, yes? They are all great, but I love the artist one the best. So nice Karen!

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I think i like the one for Kim best, but they are all ace! Biggrin

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Wow busy lady! They are all amazing though I don't know which one I like best. I love the Donald Duck one for Don, the title is so fun. Kim's one is gorgeous too, I love the butterfly and the paper you used for it.

You are some great inspiration girl!

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i love them all!! especially the 1st one with the name Ryan on it. Wink

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"iluvmygemini" wrote:

i love them all!! especially the 1st one with the name Ryan on it. Wink

lol. you want one? I'll send the little man a card Biggrin

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Your Disney cards are GORGE! Aren't they fun to layer and piece together? The finished product is so worth it! The Love that Duck card is my did amazing!

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More great cards from you! Wonderful!

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love the artist card !! its too cute!! and of course they are ALL awesome!!! great job girly im sure everyone will/has loved them!

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those are really cute!!!! I really love the artist card for Kim, but they're all wonderful!