Here they are! (6 LOs)

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Here they are! (6 LOs)

Alright, here we go! Randall really enjoyed looking at it. He loved how I scrapped some of the simple things in life, not just the big events.

This one was from our 5th anniversary:
Journaling: May 31st, 2003, I married you and I haven't looked back. Five years later, we headed back to Hot Springs and truly enjoyed ourselves. You are such an amazing husband and father. I love and adore you!"

Journaling: 2008 This Halloween you had so much fun! You were so excited to be a princess. You chose it all by yourself. We went trick-or-treating with Ammy Jo and you both had a ball! You were not ready for Halloween to be over."

Jazz & Hondo:
Journaling: "Ruthie wanted a kitty and Mommy wanted a dog! Why not get both?! Jazz is wonderful with Ruthie and puts up with so much! Hondo is huge and full of love. He does well for his size. They are both treasured pets."
Title cut from Plantin Schoolbook and cat & dog cut from Paper Pups

Lil Randy: R cut from Opposites Attract

Journaling: "This Christmas was amazing! All Ruthie wanted was a flashlight and Bee Movie. She still wasn't fond of Santa, but she did talk to him once! She loved everything she got! Christmas 2008"
Title cut from Opposites Attract (magical) and Beyond Birthdays (Christmas).

Last year, I ended it with a note to Ruthie. This year, I made it all about 2008. I just printed it off on the computer and zotted it to a pretty piece of paper. I was happy with how it ended.

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I can see why he love it. You have some great pictures AND journaling in there. I really felt like it was from your heart. I love the picture of them putting the star on the tree and the animal page is so precious. You did a wonderful job with this and I love the last page with the summary of your year.

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Sadie...these pages are all so precious. I love the one of baby the best...what a sweet way to display that u/s pic. So adorable.

I can totally see why your hubby adored this book...these pages are great!!

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1. the eyelets looping the pics together is great! I also really like your scalloped edges.

2. What a cute crown and a creative title!

3. So precious! love the one round photo in the center!

4. Your pp is perfect and so is the "R". I never think of using patterned papers for titles, but always love when I see it.

5. my favorite of this bunch! Layout is perfect and so is the title and pics!

6. GREAT idea! Your journaling is from your heart. Really love the verse you chose too.

That is the best gift! I know Randall just loves it!!!

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they're great! love how you captured the first one, just nice journaling and a nice page. Wink and the one of little Randall is so sweet! I hadn't seen tha u/s picutre before, it's cool! love the Christmas layout too.

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My favorite is your ultrasound LO of little Randy. I just love the colors in that one. Nice job!

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I love them!

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That is such a beautiful idea! Great job!

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Great job on all of them!

You do such an awesome job of adding the personal journaling on them. I love how you chose to close the book. I think my fav LO is your u/s picture as well.

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Great work girl! Biggrin I really love the Philippians verse you chose too...goes great!

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love the pages!!

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Wow! Everyone has been so busy! I love the one about your anniversary (hilarious pic with him in the 'stocks' lol).