here they are!

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here they are!

Wow. It had been a while since I got out all that stuff out! WHEW! I forget how big of a mess I make! Oh well. I took me a while to get in the groove. When I haven't created any pages in a while, my thinking cap isn't on. Ok, enough rambling, here they are!

This one is one of my favorites. At first I didn't really like it, but I do now. The bottom sticker tag/thingy says genuine. The little squares say, peace, and serenity.

This one is my favorite. I know there is a blank spot, but nothing looked good there. It looked better blank.

This one was so hard to finish. I am NOT fond of the ribbon, but it is stuck there. Any advice on ribbons is appreciated. I want to use them, but how? The square embellisment says, keep things in life simple. The circle one says, let calm surround you.

This is one I did a while back that I never shared. I think it turned out cute.


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I know what you mean about taking a while for the thinking cap. That's how I get when it's been a while for me between crops (although now that I'm cropping almost every day, it's so much easier).

I love the walking pictures from behind, there's something sweet about that perspective. And your daughter certainly does look full of spunk in that second layout, too cute! the blank space does look off, but I'm not sure what to suggest to put there. Do you have any journaling you can add? I think the ribbon looks just fine! Like you, I struggle with how to use ribbon. I've been meaning to look on a few scrapbook websites for some ribbon ideas. And the last page is so cute! I love how you used different letters for the title, what a clever idea!

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You do great work! I love seeing your paper pages. Smile The papers and photos you used on all of these are so pretty. Sometimes it's hard to "get in the groove" again. I haven't done many pages lately. Actually the one page I've done in the last few weeks is the Challenge one.

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These look great! And I think you did a good job with the ribbon as well- but next time perhaps have them come down from the top of the page?

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They're cute!

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Wow, those are great! I kind of like the blank space on the second one - I am starting to think that simpler is sometimes better. As for the ribbon, maybe put brads or flowers or something over the tops of them so it looks like they are hanging from them?

Great work!

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I love all of them!! I can't think of anything I would change.

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SO ADORABLE!!! I love the Sweet Southern one the best Smile

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those are great