He's gone again

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He's gone again

Ohhhh girls...

We got a call this week and were told that we had to allow a "visit" on Saturday with Isaiah. I knew it would not end well. I couldn't quite understand why but our lawyer told us to do it so we did. I'm sure you know the rest of the story. Of course he wasn't returned to us. Apparently, their "visit" to give him Christmas so as we were told was to only remove him without incident.

Our lawyer will follow up tomorrow but I'm sure there is a hearing already in place to remove temporary custody. We are done fighting for him. It's just way past time for fighting. I need to heal. I'm angry with myself more than anything for letting someone break my spirit I guess. I just keep thinking where in the world do I go from here? I just don't know.

Kebrina- we never even watched the game!

I'll be back when I can. You all take care and enjoy your holidays with your family & friends. God Bless you all

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Oh, Kelly. :bigarmhug: I will be praying for you that your spirit can be healed. You are an amazing woman and I don't understand why this is happening.

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I am just in shock!!! I still have you in my prayers and will continue. I am so sorry!!

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Kelly I am so very sorry to hear this. They should not be able to do this to you guys. I wish there was something that I could do for you. I hope you get to start healing soon.


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I'm so sorry Kelly! I can't believe the system allows this to happen to you (and Isaiah) over and over! Your in my prayers!

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I am rather disgusted at the system myself. How confusing for little Isaiah. I am so sorry Kelly, I have been praying that everything works out for you guys and will always continue to do so. Lots of hugs to you girly, it is absolutely rediculous that these people have put you through this horrible rollercoaster.

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Kelly, I am sick to my stomach with the way things are going for you. I am so sorry for you and your dh and for little Isaiah.

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Sad this is so heartbreaking to read. i have even been telling my DH about your updates and hes pretty sad about it too. Sad :( im so sorry this happened again.

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Kelly I'm so sorry to hear this. It just makes me sick to think what this is doing to you and innocent Isaiah. I can't believe the system would allow this. :bigarmhugs: You and Isaiah are in my prayers.

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I just can't begin to describe how upset I am for you. What are these people thinking? Praying for a miracle.

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Words are failing me right now b/c my heart aches for you. The system is so screwed up. Praying for you hon. (((HUGS)))

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Oh Kelly this brought me to tears. I can't believe that this was allowed to happen, not only to you and DH but to him as well. I can only imagine how you feel, I am so angry that words cannot describe. :bigarmhug:

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Kelly, my stomach just dropped when I saw this. :bigarmhug: I am so sorry for you guys (and for Isaiah...how hard on him to be bounced around like this). I will keep praying for you all.

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how could they force the visit? that makes me so angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish there was something I could do for you. I will continue to pray. And honestly, I don't think you should give up fighting. Isaiah deserves you and Greg, and you deserve him. I hope you have a change of heart and decide to fight.


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My heart goes out to you, Kelly, that seems like such a sneaky low handed thing for them to do. :bigarmhug:

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no!! Oh my goodness hun..... Sad I am at a complete loss for words...........

please know how much we love you. I am so very sorry. :bigarmhug:

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Oh Kelly, words cannot even begin to express how sorry I am for all that they have put you and your family through! How heartbreaking for all involved, it is just not right that they can continue to do that to you and Isaiah! My prayers are with you, your family, and Isaiah!

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Kelly I am so sorry that this is happening. You and Greg deserve Isaiah as a son and he deserves to have such great parents. I'm really disgusted that this keeps happening to you and heartbroken for you. Honestly I cant even imagine what all these ppl who are involved are thinking..... really how dare they put you all through so much heartache and I cant even imagine how confused Isaiah must be.

continuing to keep u in our thoughts and prayers.

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oh Kelly... im pretty much in tears for you!!! :bigarmhug: you are in my thoughts every day now!!!!

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Kelly, I am so sorry they did this to you yet again. I have no words, really. I'm so heartbroken for you. I'm also praying still, Isaiah and you and Greg deserve eachother so much. :bighug:

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I am so upset by this, I really don't have any words.


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Oh my! I'm crying for you. So sorry. What a terrible way to go into the holidays. I hope God is watching over him and taking care of him since you can't. I'll keep praying for you.


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Grrrrrr! If you could hear me know I sound something like Taz!

I truly don't understand how this could have happened or how they could let it happen!

Prayers are continually being offered up for you all!