He's OCD! He's OCD!! OT

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He's OCD! He's OCD!! OT

Oh my! I can't wait to scrap these pics!!!

I just walked past the dining room to go cook and look what my puppy had done with some of his babies(toys).

A COMPLETELY NICE, NEAT, PERFECTLY STRAIGHT ROW!! ROFL OMG! I knew I loved that little dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OCD, just like his momma! Lol

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Now that's a proud momma moment! Wink Haha, I'm cracking up over here!!! Yes, I can't wait to see those pages.

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Oh, my gosh! That is too funny! You're raising him right! Lol

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omg HAHAHA!!! that is just too funny!!

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oh my Lol that is hilarious... what a smart doggie you have there Biggrin i can't wait to see your LO for these Smile you will have to share!

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Wow..even I can't even train for that. LOL Great stuff Kelly!! TFS

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LMAO. Like mommy like doggy.

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My kids don't even do that:D

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I seriously can't wait to see the layout you're gonna make with that one!

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"pickle in middle" wrote:

My kids don't even do that:D

DH can't even do that! ROFL

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OMG! Too funny!

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I agree!

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"iluvmygemini" wrote:

omg HAHAHA!!! that is just too funny!!


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I have never seen a dog do something like that, that is too cute! A dog with OCD, Dr. Phil needs to do a show on that. Smile

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