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Sorry i didn't post much this weekend..Or reply to any threads, Family was in town so I was busy busy busy.. Still am quite tired from the weekend.. Even though I took a few naps yesterday.. lol..

I was just wondering if any of you sketch out what a layout looks like before hand.. I am doing that right now as I don't have pictures to scrap,but I atleast know what the pictures look like and what I want to scrap.. I also did it for my pregnancy part of Joshuas 1st year book..

Am I the only one? Or are there others out there.. Do you just do a rough copy or draw it out exactly ruler and all..


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no need to apologize, it's life! Biggrin

i don't use sketches, but i'm sure many people do!?! there are actually places online where you can get sketches to help inspire you. i just kinda move things around on my page until i like it and then adhere everything down.

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I almost always use a sketch for my layouts, usually from http://pagemaps.com. I need a shove in the right direction like that otherwise all I end up with is a blank piece of paper. Biggrin

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I don't do sketches, I kinda fly by the seat of my pants. I do like to use templates and other layouts for inspiration, but most of the time things get moved around and it's not an exact replica, iykwim. I think Tia does sketches before she does pages, but I'm not sure ... and I know someone else does - in church Smile I remember that thread. lol

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I do what Ash does though I do have notebook I sketch down idea's in:)

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I usually never use sketches. Usually I'll choose the photos and the papers I want to use, then move my pics around on the page (a hundred times) until I'm satisfied where they're supposed to go. Biggrin That's neat that you sketch out your ideas though! I bet it makes the actual scrapbooking process quicker.

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I do both. Sometimes if I know I'm not going to get it all done in one sitting I'll draw it all out so I remember what I want to do. But many times i just go by the seat of my pants too. I scraplift a lot also. does that count??? LOL

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I too do both. I do have a booklet on sketches that I like, and I also use sketches online. I suck coming up with ideas, so sketches always get my creative juices flowing. Of course, I always tweak it to make it my own though.