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    Default Hey all

    I was just checking in to let everyone know that I am still here. I have been lurking a lot. I had to put most of my scrap stuff away because I am a messy scrapper and we are getting ready to put our house on the market. Our open house is Sunday so I have been working around the clock trying to get everything squared away. DH is leaving in 2 weeks so I will probably be able to scrap at night, provided I can keep everything organized.

    I just wanted to say thanks Kelly for posting those baby bootie favors. I just threw a baby shower and they were a hit! I also made a diaper cake and baby tub with my Cricut. At least I got to play with my stuff a little bit.

    Anyway, I only really get to lurk when I stop and feed Alex so I might not comment but know that my scraplift folder is bursting at the seams. You are a very talented group of ladies and hopefully in a couple of months I will be close enought to some of you to have a crop.

    Oh, and an Alex update. At 8 weeks he was 17 lbs. 1.5 oz.! He is in size 3 diapers and 6 month clothes. Hard to believe considering he is exclusively breastfed. He is happy and TJ just adores him. My only problem right now is that Alex is so dang big he is growing out of his snugli. I am going to have to look into a wrap that fits big babies.
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    Sorry you had to put all your stuff away, but it sounds like you are doing good. He is getting so big!
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    What a DARLING siggy pic Nancy. Their matching shorts are adorable!! Sorry to hear you can't scrap, I know what that is like. But you'll be back to it soon. GL with the open house!
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    GL with the open house Nancy. Sorry you can't scrap as much lately but you will eventually be back into it like you want to be.

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    GL with the house and everything else. Can't believe how big both of your boys are getting. Love the new siggy pic....really too cute. I absolutely love when the outfits match or are coordinated. Does daddy have a matching pair too? That would be cute.

    Well hope you get to do some scrapping soon. GL with the open house and glad to hear you're still around

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    hey Nancy! Good luck with the open house! I hope somebody comes along for you guys, soon!

    I can't believe how big Alex is already! WOW! Way to go momma!

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    I too love your siggy pic! Alex is such a cutie...way to go momma! Sounds like he's growing like a champ! Good luck with your move. Thank you for checking in with us and keeping us updated. Post pics of your projects when/if you can.
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    That sucks you haven't had a chance to scrap ... but he is adorable, and so big!!! You must be feeding him pure cream lol
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