hey everyone !

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hey everyone !

Hi everyone Smile

I've been away from the boards quite a bit....just lots going on and I don't have a lot of spare time for scrapping, or even messaging on the board...I'll be back for the crop this week though and I just wanted to stop in and say hi. Hi! :wavehello:

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Hi Karen! Glad to see you and hope you can stick around!

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Glad you could check in! Can't wait to see some more work from you!

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Karen, I've been thinking of you. I keep hoping to hear that something changed with the goofy foster rule and that that is why you are busy. Sad

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Glad you will be back for the weekend! Oh, and hi to you too!!

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Glad your back!

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Hey!!! Was wondering if i missed a post saying that you couldn't log on either. Hope everything is a good kind of busy and not bad. Glad you can join us all for the vc.

thanks for kup and we missed u around here


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Karen, can't wait to see you at the VC! Miss you thanks for checking in Smile

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Hey Girlie! Thanks for checking in with us...you are missed! Can't wait for this weekend!

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