hey everyone :)

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hey everyone :)

I'm sorry I've hardly been around at all....we had a big surprise the other day when I thought I had the flu and it turns out I am pregnant! We have had this big daycare drama between two families arguing and I hadn't even noticed somehow that I was already a week late :s We are really happy though and after two losses already we are seeing a big improvement in this pregnancy Smile I am 6 weeks and 2 days and the nausea is in full swing...I have had TWO naps today because sleeping is the only time I get any relief from it, despite being on Diclectin for it. However, the nausea is a really good sign so I will gladly take it Smile Wayne has been a huge help and has been doing the lion's share of the daycare work, especially dealing with the parents who I am too green to deal with. None of them no yet but we told our families last night and today so it will probably be broadcast tomorrow and then on facebook. lol. Sorry I haven't been around...I am zapped for energy and I really admire you women who do this with kids at home 24/7! We have the daycare kids 10 hours a day but they go home after that! How do deal with all the "other stuff" while feeling super sick is beyond me! Kudos! lol.
I hope everyone is doing really well. You're always in my thoughts...and I will be back once this nausea lets up in a couple weeks. Love you girls! :bigarmhug:

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Wow congrats! What a great surprise and HH9M!

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What a wonderful surprise!

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Fantastic news! I am keeping positive thoughts for you and your bean.

FWIW, I suffered two losses before conceiving TJ. I was never nauseous before but with TJ I was sick from 8 weeks to 16 weeks. He was as healthy as could be! I hope you find a way to make it manageable.

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Karen! That's awesome news!! So happy for you!!!

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Hooray! What a great surprise!

Praying for a HH9M!!!!

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Oh Karen congrats!!! I am so happy for you and Wayne. Maybe it will be a little girl with red hair like in my dream. Unisom works wonders for morning sickness Smile

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Karen, I am SO THRILLED for you and Wayne!!!!!! Smile CONGRATULATIONS girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do hope the nausea goes away soon though. No fun. Take care of yourself 1st before anything....it's the only thing that matters. {{{hugs}}}

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Karen, I'm beyond thrilled for you! Sucks about the nausea but at least it keeps it real. Wink Take it easy and get the rest when you can. Hope the drama between the families is done with.


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Hi Karen! I've been thinking about you! I am so happy to hear your news girl! I am glad to know that the sickness is at least a comfort to you. Smile What fantastic news! I hope you have a HH9M girl!!

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Karen that is fantastic news! I'm so excited for you and Wayne. Take it easy and rest up.

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Congrats Karen! Hope it's a HH9M!

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Wow! What a nice surprise! Congratulations!!

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Congratulations! Wishing you a HH9M!!

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Congrats Karen!! That's wonderful news! Hugs and prayers for a HH9M!

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Congratulations! I pray that you have a healthy 9 months!

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Congratulations Karen! What exciting news Yahoo I am also in the exhausted, nauseated preggo boat, so I don't blame you for being scarce around here. Get some rest and work on growing that bean!

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I'm so happy for you guys!!! HH9M! I hope the nausea lets up soon too. The key to managing it is to keep something in your tummy (at least with me it was) - I had crackers by the bed and ate a couple before I even got up, and then ate small meals all day (like instead of 2 pieces of toast in the morning, I'd have 1 and then another one 1.5 hours later). Sending you all the sticky vibes in the world!

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this is great news! congrats!! Biggrin

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Congrats!!! I hope you have a HH9Ms!

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Congrats Karen!!! That is an awesome surprise!!

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wonderful! When I saw the smiley after the hey everyone I Just hoped with everything in me that this was what you were going to say! I am so happy for you!

If if hadn't been for the fact that my dh was on a layoff for the first 3 months of my pregnancy with Allie I don't think I could have done it. I ws miserable.

Congratulations and I am praying that you have a wonderful, eventless,. healthy pregnancy!

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Sorry about the sickness...it really and truly sucks, even when you are so happy to be preggo! Hang in there!

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Whoa....AWESOME! I'll pray that this one sticks!

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Congratulations! Hope you have a hh9m

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I'm so excited! Our due dates will only be a couple weeks apart, that is fabulous!!!!! Jumping for joy for you! You totally deserve this!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh Karen what a beautiful surprise, congrats to you!!! Here's hoping and praying for a smooth pregnancy.