Hey friends! (ot)

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Hey friends! (ot)

I have an update for you....It's a good one though, just gotta explain. lol

Not many know this but last week I had a very big scare with some bleeding and even tissue coming out. With my past two miscarriages I just completely freaked out...it was bright red and my doc told me not to do ANYTHING and come in in two days....he checked my cervix which was closed, and uterus size was good...then yesterday I went for an ultrasound unsure if there was going to still be a heartbeat...and baby was there waving away!!!! I couldn't believe it! I literally smacked the screen cuz I jumped up in excitement to see! lol...doc said I may had accidentally lifted something too heavy to cause the bleeding, or my is just still trying to have a period.
I am 10 weeks one day and this is by FAR the furthest we've made it. We are over the moon! BiggrinBiggrinBiggrin

I will post pics as soon as I can get to a scanner!

love you girls!

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How scary! Did they figure out where the bleed came from? Sounds like a subchorionic hemorrhage. I had one at week nine when pg with the twins. What was explained to me was that the placenta is rooting itself to the uterus up until week 13-14 and most likely hit a major vessel which caused the bleeding. I was totally freaking out as while I'm typically a bleeder for pregnancies as well and also having a m/c in the past, I never bled as much as I did that night. I was completely gushing. It was so scary, but I went into the ER and they did an u/s right away to show us the hb's, thank God. I don't think I could've waited two days! You're so strong! I'm glad to hear your gummy bear is doing so well! :bigarmhug:

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oh how scary that must have been :bigarmhug:
I am so excited to hear that your bean is doing well!!!

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Wooohooooooooooooooo!!!! So glad you had a great u/s!

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That is great news Karen! Try to take it easy!

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im SO glad that the baby is ok!! take it easy girl!

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Great news Karen!!!!

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I bet that was scary girl! So happy to hear all is well though, and I can only imagine how happy you two must be!!!

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I'm so glad everything is okay, and bean was waving at you. Wink

I had one of those hemorrages Tracey posted about, but never bled for it. Had to be monitored for it though.

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Yahoo for making it 10wks. I'll keep praying for you and wayne and your precious little one. Take it easy and no lifting.

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So happy for you and that sweet baby! Take it as easy as you possibly can for the next few weeks hun! xo

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Hurray for making it to 10 weeks! Sorry you had a bleeding scare. My body tried to have a period almost every month with Scout until around 5 or 6 months. Scared me to death every time it happened. I hope it doesn't happen again - no more lifting!