Hey girls.. sorry I have been MIA

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Hey girls.. sorry I have been MIA

We went to SC for 10 days at end/beginning of the month. I just haven't gotten back into my scrap-mode yet because of so much else going on. I am starting to babysit for a 15 month old and a 3 year old tomorrow. That should be interesting with my own 15 month old hehe. I hope to get back to scrapping this week though. I am going to try to get to all the posts I missed but I dont want to do a huge super-bump of a bunch of old posts lol.

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HI Angie! I'm glad you were able to check in with us. The babysitting job should keep you busy, but I bet Jamie will be happy to have a playmate around.

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Wow, that should keep you busy but like Charys said "It will be nice to have a playmate." I know Brooklynn loves to have people over to play.

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Sounds like you've been busy!!! I'm sure your little one will enjoy company!!

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Busy bee ! Glad to have you back. Love your new siggy Biggrin

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Wow, you will have your hands full. I hope you enjoy it though, at least most of the time Smile Hope you get into scrapping mode again soon.