Hey girls we made it

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Hey girls we made it

WITHOUT A SEIZURE!!!!! I am so happy Tyson got through it without a seizure!!! I got very ill that is why I missed the first 1/2 of the vc but I am here now and plan to get going. Damien is still sick but getting better and currently napping so I am going to get started on the scraps page. You all know how I love my scraps Smile amazing pages so far from you all and thanks everyone for the prayers Smile

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Yay! Thats great Tia Biggrin I'm sorry you were sick but am glad you are here now!

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So glad to hear Tia!

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I'm so glad he didn't have any seizures. Sucks that you and Damien got sick too. Hope your house is healthy FAST!

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Sounds like those different meds really help with that. Hopefully over time your anxiety over his fevers won't be so bad. I'm so glad everything is well. I hope he feels 100% very very soon.

I can't wait to see your work!

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I am so glad that the new meds seem to be doing what they need to do. Hopefully if he gets sick again he can continue to avoid having seizures.

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Glad to hear it Tia!!! Wonderful!

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:bigarmhug: GREAT news!!

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:bighug: that is great news to hear. glad to have you back. hope everyone at your house is healthy ASAP!