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Hey ladies

I know I was sort of 'MIA' for a while, but I'm sort of back now. lol. I may not be on as often as I was before, but I'm here!! (I don't know if anyone even noticed I was gone, but just pretend you did for my sake) ROFL

I've been trying to do more real paper scrapbooking lately. I'm working on my wedding album. I'll try to get pictures of the few pages I've done so far soon. I'm going to need some help doing certain things, though, I can tell already. It's so much harder than digital. Anyway, until I get the pictures of what I've done so far, you can look at my new digital ones if you'd like.

And if anyone else has a profile there, feel free to add me to your friends. Biggrin

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Glad to see you back, I added you as a friend. My screen name is the same over there

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Glad to see you back. I did notice you were gone. I enjoyed looking through your pages. I guess I need a site like that to share mine huh? My niece enjoyed looking at them as well. She has started scrapbooking with me!

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how could we NOT notice you were gone!!!! make sure you show us the progress on your wedding album!! Smile

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I DID NOTICE, and I was going to send out the FBI to find you Wink

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Of course we noticed, I even sent you a post (within another thread) asking why you are not over on the siggy design team board, etc. Smile

Wow, a wedding album is a big undertaking. Like you, I will be going back to paperscrapbooking when I do mine and it kind of scares me. Good luck! Can't wait to see some pages. Smile

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Wow, I had never heard of scrapbook.com, that is so neat!
I LOVE the first toofers one! I wish I had done a page like that for my kids. Your pages are so neat! I am lost when it comes to digital scrapbooking LOL

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Of course, I'm glad you are back and make sure you do show your progress on your Wedding Album. That was my first every scrapbook.

You'll do great and I don't think you will have any problems. Can't wait to see them.

I like to hang out at scrapbook.com for ideas. I'll go over there and meander through your stuff.

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I noticed you weren't around too! Glad to "see" you back! Did I ever tell you how much I love your pages?!?!? You are sooo talented. tfs your webpage.

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I like your pages. Im new here, but I'll be sure to notice if you're here or not now Wink

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