Hey Ladies!

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Hey Ladies!

I miss ya'll. I need this board to get busy again lol. I haven't been scrapping much though. I have been spending my time reading more. I did scrap one today though, first one in a month or so. I thought I'd share. I wish I could get my scrappy bug back. I feel bad because by the time Jamie was 2 he had dozens of pages, but Allie only has about 20 total. Sad I need to get busy! Jamie started preschool last week (:() and Allie usually naps for 2 hours while he is gone, so I am going to try to scrap during that time some now.

Anyway, here is the one I did today.

Thanks for looking...

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Aww, that is adorable.

I understand, having trouble scrapping too.

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scrapping, what's that? ROFL

I'm dying to scrap, but can't seem to catch up on everything I need.

anyhow, love the layout, it's adorable!

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that is cute!! love all the coordinating scraps used throughout the page