Hey, where did everything go??? (please read!)

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Hey, where did everything go??? (please read!)

I've been playing with some of the posts on the board, I hope you don't mind! Biggrin

We had a few more sticky threads than we're supposed to have - we had 9 and we're supposed to have 5. There are some that change frequently (challenges), but we (Gwen, Carrie and I, although it was my idea, so I'll take any flack for it) decided to add links to some of the less-used stickys that we still want available, to the thread - Welcome to the Scrapbooking Board. It is the same intro thread as before, but I changed the name of it.

I am also going thru and verifying links and simplyifying some of the information in that thread, and just in general updating it because it's been almost 2 years since Stephanie wrote it so wonderfully. If something under paper needs to be changed, please let one of us know (as I wouldn't know, being I don't do paper anymore!) I am also planning to link up old challenges and virtual crops, if I can find the posts, so that we can find them if we ever want to see that inspiration again.

So if you're looking for something and it's not in the stickys, try there first! Think something should be added to it? Let us know here or by PM ... and I hope I didn't make anyone mad by changing it up a bit!

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Thank you so much...I hate clutter. Smile LOL

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Cleaning and consolidating is a good thing! Thanks for cleaning up the digi sites. I am so sad that Scrapping with Ikeagoddess stopped doing freebies.. i really relied on her taste for my freebies.. but I'm glad that you posted a different daily freebie site that's set up similar to hers! (Digital Daisy). Thanks Trina!

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Just wanted to remind you that the pruners are on so if you link up old challenges and VCs those links one day will be bad links as the pruners will eventually get those threads.

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"K9Trainer" wrote:

Thank you so much...I hate clutter. Smile LOL

Ditto! Thanks, Trina!!!

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Kebrina - I thought of that ... when the really old ones get pruned, that's ok - but the list is still there in case we need challenge ideas. Smile

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Yay spring cleaning! Thanks Trina!

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thanks for doing that! Looks nicer and now we don't have so many stickies.

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Trina, YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks Smile

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Looks awesome Trina....love love love organization