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I used to post on this board a while back.. but things got hectic so I kinda took a break... but I was hoping if it was ok with you guys that I came back and showed you some of my layouts..

I do digital full time now.. as my son doesnt get into it and I don't haev to pull everything out.. and I love it...

anyways here are some layouts I have done recently...

this one is alittle plain but I think it looks good

thanks for looking...

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You have such a wonderful style! I especially loved the one with the pics of each month. So cute!

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Those are great!
I love the last one and how you fit so many pictures on one page without it looking too crowded.
Welcome back! Smile

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HI! Glad you can back to join us! I love that last LO! Very cute. Biggrin

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great layouts. I cracked up at the up at midnight layout. and his first year is a terrific page!

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welcome back those are great!!