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Hi Ladies,
It took me a while to work up the umph to post here, I have been lurking for a while. I kind of felt since I don't have kids, I won't have much to post about IYKWIM, we have been trying for over 2 years with endo, I could do a million pages about negative HPT's Wink Anyway I hope to be able to post often, it seems like the challenges aren't kid related per se. Hope to get to know y'all a little better

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Hello and welcome!!!

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Hi!! :wavehello:

Glad to meet you!

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Glad you said hi!

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Scrapbooking isn't just about children! It's about your life and the world around you. I'm so glad you decided to join us! Please feel free to jump right in and post. We'd love to see your work.

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hi Sarah! I joined when I didn't have kids either! Biggrin The challenges are really for anybody


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hey sarah Smile I know how you feel cuz I too thought "well i don't have kids yet. what will I scrap of then?" but I started yesterday and am having loads of fun. it's a good chance to do some of you and s/o as kids maybe and when you do get that babe of yours you'll have those pages to remember, compare, and share with them ....I'm also doing lots of nieces and nephews. Do you have any?

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hello and welcome! There's lots of stuff to scrap about before you have kids! Heck you could do a whole wedding, vacations, gardening, pets, family, etc, album! We'd love to see you're work!

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Welcome! Ditto the pp's there are tons of non-kiddo scrapping opportunities! Can't wait to see some of you pages Smile

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I am very glad you decided to join us! You don't have to have kids to come here. We are an "everything topic" board in a way! Biggrin Can't wait to see some of your work! Hope you get a BFP soon.

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I'm so glad you posted. We are more than happy to have your here. We have lots of kids/pregnancy pages becuase we are on this site, but we love any scrapbooking pages. In fact, it is often nice to see pages of weddings, families and other things than babies just to see something different than what many of us spend all our time doing. Can't wait to see some pages from you. Welcome!

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welcome welcome welcome and hello!!!

i agree with pp scrapbooking is a universal hobby... and wedding pages are awesome as well as honeymoon and couple relationships and familys and when you were a child etc etc etc the list goes on and on

hope you enjoy the board
happy to have you here

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hi and welcome Biggrin
my name's Sophie Smile

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HI there from a familiar face! Glad you decided to post and I can't wait to see some of your LOs! (I found out LO is "layout" here, not "little one"!)

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hi and welcome!!
your gonna love it here Smile

can't wait to see your work--feel free to share with us--wink wink nudge nudge Wink