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Hi Ladies! I'm Kebrina, 27. I have decided in an effort to keep my mind off of TTC (going on almost 5yrs with no kiddos) that I want to try my hand at Scrapbooking. I bought several books with paper and a pack of random scissors to do a book for my sisters but never got around to it. So I thought I would start by doing a scrapbook of mine and DHs life together. This is going back 5yrs. I also had bought a digital scrapbooking thing for the computer but didn't like it. So I want to get creative with paper Smile

What things should I buy to get started? I am planning on going to a Beginners class at our local scrapbooking store but it's not until April 16th and I really need to start refocusing my attention.

So any hints you have to get me started. DH only said not to go overboard with the spending Smile

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A paper trimmer, assorted papers, and adhesive are great tools to start off with. You can decide for yourself it you like making your own decorations or what you prefer to buy. You can use markers, chalk, and ink to add a little bit of pizzazz and these are things you can accumulate gradually if you don't already have them. Scrapbooking has been around quite a while and I have seen many beautiful pages done without all the fancy gadgets. (Although admittedly, some of the fancy gadgets are really fun to have.) I look forward to seeing your work.

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My favorite thing has to be PAPER! You can do so much with it. I would spend the most money on picking out good paper. You can have all the embellishments in the world but put them on a piece of plain drab paper and they won't really pop. I am glad you are joining us and I am sorry about your TTC troubles:( I hope things turn around for you soon Smile

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WELCOME! Be warned: once you put your feet in the water, there's no turning back. Wink This hobby is QUITE ADDICTING. hehe

I'd definitely get a paper cutter, paper, adhesive (popdots, glue stick, etc.) and some ribbon/other embellishments. Once you develop your own style you'll find what you use most and stick with that.

Can't wait to see your work!

Good luck on the TTC too. Crossing my fingers for you.

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Hello there! Ive BB hopped with you this past spring/summer! Welcome to the most addicting hobby around Wink I second the paper trimmer, thats the one thing you'll need besides paper and glue. Most of the time I just use a good glue stick...my preferance is the scotch brand I think, pink and yellow...acid free. Other than that I just got a glue pen which is nice for the little itty bitty things, and a tape runner which is nice if you're the swipe and go type. A few NICE stickers, ribbons, Chipboard pieces. Go to a craft store or scrapbook store and browse and see what you like. You're more likely to use it if it catches your eye.

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Welcome! I second what all the other ladies have said and look forward to getting to know you better.

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Hey Kebrina!!! Nice to see you on this board as well. I'll post more later but just wanted to say hi right now before I run out the door

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I can't help with what to buy (I'm a digi-girl), but just wanted to say Welcome! And that I hope you get your BFP soon! :bigarmhug:

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