hi girls!

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hi girls!

I noticed the cute blinkies in some signatures so I thought I'd check out this board!

I'm addicted to scrapbooking! Biggrin I've had some of my pages in scrapbook idea magazines and I hang out at http://www.susansscrapbookshack.com and am on the design team there. (If you check it out, introduce yourself and tell them Ashley sent you! Wink )

Hope to get to know you!

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Hello. Hope you post with us once in a while. I'm going to head over to your link and check it out.

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hi Stephanie!

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hi ashley!!! i love your siggy picture!! it is soo cute.. love the background, the pose, etc!! Smile

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Hey, the blinkies work! I always wondered about that Wink
Welcome Ashley! My name is Kelly and have a son Tristan, 16 months.
I like your siggy pic too.
I hope you'll share some pages with us.

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:wavehello: Hi and welcome!!

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yeah our blinkies are doing its job Wink


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:hi: and welcome!!!!!

I'm Dee and I have an 11 month old named Kira

WOw, that is great the blinkies do work. I need ot add to my siggy. I'm going to check out your link. Hmmm, maybe I can get your help some invites i'm trying to make for Kira's 1st bday.

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hiya! Smile

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Hi and welcome to the board.

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Hello! I am Sadie. I have a DD-Ruthie. I am new to the board as well. I LOVE your siggy pic too! TFS! Hope to "see" you around here. Biggrin

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Thanks for the welcomes girls!

A friend of mine took that pic for us & then I played with the colors on the computer... we included it in our wedding invites!

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Hi and welcome to the board!