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hi ladies

I miss you all I just have had so little time lately. I went back to 40 hours/week so when I'm home I tend to spend all my time with the family and have less time for myself. Even when I am by myself I have had a hard time getting inspiration. I lurk often.

I have the day off tomorrow so I plan on getting at least 1 LO done just to throw myself back into it and hopefully the mojo will follow. Funny thing is even though i haven't scrapped in a while, I still love picking up supplies so I have lots of fun new things to use and lots of great pics that have been building up.

I'm doing really well. This pregnancy is going really smoothly. I am having a girl so I have already bought a bunch of girly stuff to scrap with.

Looking forward to catching up.

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Hey girl! I follow you on FB, so knew you were having a girl I think. Congrats, they are so fun!! Hope you do get your mojo going, I love your work.

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Hey lady. Congrats on the baby girl. They are a lot of fun. Sorry you don't have much time to scrap... I completely know the feeling. although i'm sure it's harder for you working 40 hrs a week. Lurk whenever and comment and post when you can. Miss u on here but you're still one of us so you're welcome anytime. Maybe you'll get a chance to participate in the VC this weekend?

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:yahoo:YAY for a little girl! you're gonna have so much fun scrapping for her! I hope you get some time to yourself.

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I did get one done Thursday and hope to participate in at least one challenge when I have time tomorrow. I just need to upload the pic when I get home.

VCs are always great for inspiration!

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I'm the same way with buying supplies even when I'm not actively scrapping. Wink Glad you're diving in this weekend to get some stuff done. And whoo whoo on a girl!!

Can't wait to see the page you did this week.