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Hi new here

Hi i have just gotten back into the swing of scrapbooking and have found your board hope you don't mine me joining here.

Little bout me i live in australia i have 2 kids Kyle who is 3 in april and Ebony who is 1 next month.

I'm a paper scrapper and loving it. Currently working on getting up to date with kyle's album and starting Ebony.

Can't wait to see all of your upcoming projects to give me some inspiration to help me along the way and i'm sure some things i do you will steal aswell


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Welcome Mellie!! Glad to have you here!
Feel free to jump right in. This is a group of VERY talented ladies here.
I would love to see some of your work.

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Welcome aboard! Can't wait to see your scrapping! Your kiddos are too cute!

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Welcome to the board!

Jump right in. And as someone else said, we're a bunch of thieves who steal (scraplift) ideas from each other all the time! LOL

You're kiddos are both adorable. Smile

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Welcome Mellie! Love your name BTW!

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Welcome! Can't wait to see some of your work!

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Welcome Mellie! We're glad to have you!!

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Welcome Mellie! It is nice to have you join us. Your little ones are so cute, it will be great to see pages of them.

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Welcome! Can't wait to see some pages. You children are adorable!

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Welcome Mellie! Great lookin' kids you got there! Can't wait to see some work! Smile

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Hi Mellie! Glad you could join us!! I love the name Ebony. Smile Your kids are adorable.

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Welcome Mellie!:D

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welcome mellie. glad u could join us.

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thanx for the warm welcome i have done a few pages of lately just have to take pictures of them i'll get onto that later and thanx for having me

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Welcome! Hope you enjoy this board!