Hi Ya'll....OT

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Hi Ya'll....OT

i know I don't post much over here, but i do lurk alot.

I'm on full bedrest for pre-term labor. Sad and i've b een doing nothing but obsess over names LOL I've changed her name at least once a week. lol

I'm thinking of Faelynn Shaylee....

what do ya'll think?

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Oh yuck!! I remember being in your shoes more than once. It's no fun! I hope things calm down for you and you can get up and moving soon. I am no help with the name thing as my tastes are so different than most...you need to love it, that's all that matters right??? Good to hear from you...keep updating us okay Liz?

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ITA with Carrie, it only matters if YOU like it, well and your dh .. maybe lol. It's an interesting name though, I've never heard it before. Where did you find it?

I hope your bedrest goes ok, that's a long time to be on bedrest!

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Hi Liz!

Sorry about the bedrest. I was only on bedrest for a week before Caleigh arrived and I was bored stiff! Hope you can bring a laptop with you and get some designing done. Wink

My two cents, I like Izzie better. Smile

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Lol at you and your names Liz! I liked Josie and I was just telling Randall about you naming your girl that! Wink That's an interesting name, but I do like Josie better. BUT, like others have said, it only matters if YOU, DH, & ELI like it! Hope you are feeling better. I still need to send you something I have been saving for you! Sorry about the bed rest, but that just means you need to check in with us more often!

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Yuck on the bedrest!

Lol funny that you can't pick a name, but I totally understand. I like relatively traditional names, so newer names take me a while to get used to. I think the name sounds pretty, but not completely sure the first and middle go together that well... not sure. Would have to say it 100 times.... Wink

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we've decided not to go with that name. I think we will be going with Fiona Shaylee. We have both liked Fiona for a long time. and It's easier for Eli to say "Fi" and Faelynn. lol but if she is born and doesn't look like a fiona, we'll name her Faelynn Paige.

I saw Faelynn in my baby name book. It means beautiful fairy.

dh wants her to be named like yesterday! lol I'm the one who keeps changing my mind. We have a couple names picked out. I don't think i'll be able to finalize her name until we met her.

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I'm sorry you are on bedrest! Sad Bake baby bake! Take care of yourself Liz!