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Hey everyone! I'm new to this board, not to the site (obviously-lol). I'm Tina, married to Jason for 3 years and expecting our first in just a few weeks. I've been scrapbooking for years, but haven't been into it for a long time and I hope by coming here I can feel creative and get excited about scrapbooking again. I'm really looking forward to working on my first baby book and am looking for LOTS of ideas!

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Can't wait to get to know you more.
You'll find lots of mojo here. Biggrin
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Hey Tina!!!! Good to see you over here!! It's nice to see a familiar face!! (I've recently ventured to this board too!) I can't wait to see the pages you make when Ella gets here. (I'm soooo behind on Cadence's scrapbook - I pretty much have an entire year to scrap!)

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Welcome! I used to paper scrapbook, but now I love digital. I think both are wonderful though. Congratulations on expecting!

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Thanks for the warm welcome. Smile

I know absolutely NOTHING about digital scrapbooking. Would that be shared through email or a website or something?

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Welcome Tina!!!!! Congrats on the upcoming baby, I also have a Jan baby (06) and it's a wonderful time to have a baby. Wink

I do mostly paper scrapbooking, but I do dabble in digital. I work in 12x12 on the computer so that I can upload it to Costco for printing. Then I just put it in my book with my other paper pages. A lot of the time you can't tell that it's a photo until you try to touch it. Wink

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:wavehello: I love seeing newbies on here! The more the merrier! Can't wait to see your work.

BTW....I am Sadie, DH-Randall, and DD-Ruthie. I do both paper and digi, but mostly paper.:D

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hi and welcome!!!
can't wait to see some of your pages Smile

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Hi Tina! Glad you came over here!

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Welcome Tina! I just joined a few weeks ago myself and have made 3 different threads on the 3 different scrapbooks I've started but haven't finished.

You can take a look at my scrapbook just for my DS, Tyler, born on April 2nd to give you some ideas:


Looking forward to seeing your work!