Ho Ho No!

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Ho Ho No!

2 down, 12 to go!

The journaling says:
Mommy was very excited about the idea of you getting your picture taken with Santa Claus. However, you weren't nearly as excited. We tried two different times to let you visit with Santa. The first time you just sat in his lap and gave me a strange look. The second time you didn't want to go near Santa, even when Mama sat beside him. Both pictures tell the story of a little boy who is growing up so quickly, he almost forgot about Santa. But don't worry, Mommy and Daddy told him what a good boy you are.

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This LO is so cute! I love the title! It's so fitting for the journaling you gave. you did a great job!

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Nicely done! Ho Ho NO! is such a great title!!

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Very sweet. Love the paper

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Such a clever title! How cute!

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Great title! And I love the candy cane paper!

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adorable! and I LOVE the title!!!

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Love the paper and the title!

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Lol Great lo. Wish Ruthie liked Santa!