Holiday Cards - Homemade or store bought?

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Holiday Cards - Homemade or store bought?

Okay ladies I know I have only been commenting lately and only posted a few layouts but I have not had time since Colleen was born to really do any scrapping. But I am going to find the time to do xmas cards.

So I was wondering, do you all make your own or do you buy them or some of both?

I already made 30 cards with one of those card kits my mother bought me last year. And I still have like 40 more to make.

I will post the ones I make from scratch once I get them made.

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last year I did half and half...storebought and homemade. This year will be all homemade. I started early, so got a headstart. Can't wait to see your cards!!!

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I do a combo. I make a digital card to include with a store-bought card.

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Mostly storebought (photocard) with a letter.

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I am *hoping* to do all handmade this year. Who knows though. Depends on time and money.

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We do a photocard so bought.

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I do a digital card that I print as 4x6 ... and I design for others as a business. Wink see my siggy - last year's card is in the gallery there

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Homemade, but as I have to make around 250 (as my hubby insists on giving one to everyone in our congregation), I make only about 6 or 7 different ones (and then mass produce them), and the congregation cards are simpler.

Back a few pages I posted a whole bunch of various Christmas cards I've made. Feel free to scraplift any of them if you like them.

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I want to design my own photo card this year to send out - starting on it right away, I hope. So not 'homemade' since I'll have to get them printed, but they are still my creation, if that makes sense?

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We usually do a letter, a pic, and a card of sorts. I usually get cards SUPER cheep on clearance the year before, so bought Sad They arent nearly as cool but I cant afford to do so many homemade ones.