Home from the hospital!

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Home from the hospital!

I got home yesterday, I feel like a truck hit me lol The whole story of how things went is here - http://scrapaholicanon.blogspot.com/ But thought I'd let you know that I'm home, down an ovary and tumor, but still have one ovary, and he thinks it's working 'beautifully' as he can tell I ovulated recently. Add insult to injury, AF arrived yesterday too - apparently surgery wasn't traumatic enough to delay her even a day. The tumor was grapefruit sized, and the fallopian tube from my left was wrapped around it several times, he said there was no way to separate ovary and tumor. I knew that was the most likely thing to happen though, and I'm not grieving too much over it since the right side is working fine.

I have a vertical incision from my belly button to below where my c-section scar is, Mark is joking that they branded my initial on me (it looks like a warped 't' lol). It's looking really ugly right now, but it'll get better - they put both staples (about 30) and stitches, and the bruising started today so ugh. I'm feeling ok otherwise, just tired and not very hungry. I have trouble getting in and out of bed too. Kaitlyn is being gentle with me, which is good, and Mark is spoiling me and not-so-jokingly bugging me about having to do all the housework lol. The pain is about 5 times worse than my c-section, all you mommies who have had vertical-incision c-sections, kudos to you! I can't imagine having to handle a newborn in this state.

Anyways, thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! They did wonders! The pathology report isn't back yet, and the dr told me no news from him is good news as he would only call me if something popped up in it that he didn't like. So I'm hoping not to hear from him til my 6 week appt. He said we're 'Go' to TTC again as soon as the 6 weeks are up, no hanky panky til then and he doesn't think it should be an issue - so yay for that!

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So glad to hear that it went well. Sorry to hear you lost an ovary...but very glad the other one is working like it should! Smile I hope your recovery goes quick! And hope that you are feeling better very very soon!


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Wow Trina. Sad Sorry it has been painful for you. I'd just take it as easy as you can and take advantage of the hubby helping out....that's sweet of him and you NEED it right now. Praise the Lord you have one fully functioning ovary. So glad to hear that. I will pray that they find nothing with the tumor. Hugs to you!

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Big hugs during your recovery. I've sorry about the loss, but glad he was so positive about your other ovary! That is great!

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Sorry to hear you are having a rough recovery Trina :bigarmhug: Glad DH is helping out...sounds like you need time to recouperate!

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:bigarmhugs: I wanted to jump in and let you know that my aunt had 2 kiddos after losing an ovary to cancer about 10 years ago. It's great that you are at peace with the fact that you still have a fully functioning one left!

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Soooo glad to hear you are home and well Trina. That is sure a big sized tumor...wow!! I am glad that there were no complications there and that you are in the hands of your hubby and family now. I too will pray that the results come back a-okay. Also praise that you have a good functioning ovary. Yay for that! thanks so much for updating us girl.

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:bigarmhug: That's sounds so painful. I will say a prayer for you. Glad hubby is taking good care of you! Take it easy and rest. Hope you feel better soon.

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Yikes! That sounds so painful! I can't believe how big it was. I'm glad to hear you have one "beautiful" ovary!

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Glad you are home from the hospital. Sorry to hear about losing an ovary but good to hear the right one is functioning as it should. Glad Kaitlyn is being sweet and gentle to mommy.

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Okay, I read your blog and there is NO excuse for all those nurses being so rude to you!!!

I remember how much pain I was in from the three very small incisions I had when they removed my gall bladder, and I can't imagine how you must be feeling.

Hope your recovery is swift and that dh doesn't tire of being a good hubby!

Ohhh, and really enjoyed looking at all your recent pages. Beautiful, as always.


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wow thanks for sharing. Sorry you lost an ovary but happy that you have an excellent functioning one left. Hope the pain etc subsides soon and you recover quickly. Big hugs!!!

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ouch!!!!! I'm glad that you have a fully functioning ovary. a good friend of mine had a situation like that, but it was a cyst instead and it burst before they could get it out. she had so much fallopian tube damage (she had to have IVF to have her kids). anyhow, reading your post gave me flashbacks (especially about the orange, as that's what they told my friend too). I hope you heal fast, it sounds miserable with that incision. so glad Mark and Kaitlyn are taking good care of you. will peek at your blog soon, multitasking right now...

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wow... Sorry Trina. I hope you heal quickly and hope that your DH does not get tired of doing the housework. Smile Take it easy! I'm glad you still have one ovary. Sounds a bit scary with the tumor. Hope you're doing better!

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So glad to hear that everything went well! I hope you have a fast recovery!