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I got an order for 11 cards! :yahoo:Just had to share my excitement! This will be my first sale.

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Congrats! That is so cool.

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that's awesome!!! and I'm not surprised at all, you really are super talented. Smile

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That's awesome!!!!

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yay!!! good for you! Biggrin

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Thats awsome news. You'll have to share them when you get them finished.

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YAH!!! That's so funny cuz I had a random dream that you were in and you were working in a card shop! LOL

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so funny Karen. Smile I need to get a life. hehe

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Woo Hoo!!!! I'm so happy for you but I know this is just the beginning because you make beautiful cards. I was going to PM you earlier because I was checking out stores on Etsy and found another card maker and she was charging more than you but your cards are SOOOOOOO much nicer than hers. So I know you will be getting a lot of sales.

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YOU do not need a life. I need a life since I'm the one dreaming of people online who I've never even met. LOL

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congratulations! that is so cool Smile

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That's awesome hon! I hope you continue to do well! KUP!

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Awww, that is wonderful! Your cards are beatiful, they will love them.

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YAY!!! the first sale is always the most exciting!!!

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Thats great, congrats!!!

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that's awesome... did u put in the details of your other items that u do special orders?

you're work is beautiful i'm sure u will get more sales.